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In case you didn't know, I have relocated my blog to:

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Best Foot Forward

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I love shoes. Too much, it could be said, but why stop myself from buying something that I want? I am awful though, I’ll buy shoes because they look pretty or are a bargain and not think about the implications of walking on 8 inches of heel with no platform. Inevitably I end up reverting, and sticking to, my old faithful heels which I know I can walk up a set of stairs (pre-alcohol) and not fall over.

Now, what is better than a gorgeous pair of shoes? Come on girls, when they’re designer AND have a huge discount of course! Enter: Daniel Footwear

Having just found out about Daniel Footwear, the name doesn’t exactly thrill you when you first hear it. It strikes me as a grown up, mans shop – how mistaken I was.

Of course, my first stop was the Sale section; and it didn’t disappoint!

Vivienne Westwood Cameo pumps reduced to £49.99! I want, I want!!

You save £140 off RRP on these stunners by “Daniel”!

These Chanel-esque pumps are super cute for daytime wear too (& down to £40 from £100!)

Do any of these take your fancy? If so, what are you waiting for?! & if not, they have 100’s of styles (this post would have been 10 pages long if I had included all of my favourites) So take a peak…

Daniel Footwear

Amarya Beauty Box - January

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This is the first time I have received this box as I only found out about it recently.


It is normally £10 however I found a half price code for it, so thought it would be more of a bargain.

How dissapointed I was when I received the box yesterday.

Unlike the other beauty boxes it was simply packaged inside the carboard box that it was mailed in, with some pink 'straw' inside and despite my digging inside it I only unconvered 3 items!

What was inside:

1. Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream (Full Size product - RRP £23.95)

2. John Masters Organics Rose & Apricot Antioxidant Day Cream (2ml sample size, full size is 30ml and retails at £25)

3. Caudalie Vinexpert Riche Radiance Day Cream (3ml sample size, full size is 30ml and retails at £36)

and 2 of those were tiny sachet/sample sizes!

My Opinion:

Now I know the point of these boxes is to simply sample items with a view to buy, but when you are getting 5-6 items in some of the better known beauty boxes I can't see how Amarya can simply send 3! Despite their high RRP.


Is this just me being unreasonable and expecting too much? Either way I will be cancelling my subscription today as I don't want to waste anymore money.

Feel Unique beauty box - SPOILER!

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Today I received my beauty box! I had seen the last few of these on blogs so thought I would sign up and give it a go. Unlike the others you don't pay postage on this so it is even more of a bargain!

I wasn't really overwhelmed on opening this months box, however everything included is something that I would use so it's not that much of a dissapointment! Plus, if I want to buy anything offer free delivery on everything!

feel unique, beauty box, body, hair,

Now, for what was included:

feel unqiue, lierac paris, creme mesolift, moisturiser, orange

Lierac Paris - Creme Mesolift: The results are an instant radiance flash, with skin that feels toned, smoothed and moisturised.

My opinion: The little pot is bright orange so difficult to lose in your make up bag! It is scented but I can't put my finger on what it smells like, slightly orangey but not unpleasent. On application it is very light and smoothes on to the skin very easily. Skin does look slightly more radiant on application and this 15ml pot should last a good few weeks!

this works, daily wash, cleanser, feel unique

This Works - clean skin daily wash: A moisturising cleanser that removes all traces of make-up.

My opinion: I have used "This Works" face wipes previously and didnt find that they removed my eye make-up very well. I will test this later and see how well it performs. It has a very citrus scent and on application slightly foams, it feels very light and non greasy so all very promising! The 30ml size should last a while too.

shampoo, condition, phyto, feelunique

Phyto - Apres-Shampooing conditionneur: An express conditioner for colour treated/highlighted hair.

My opinion:
This is great for me, im excited to try it, after dying my hair for almost a year now conditioner is my friend and hopefully this will keep my locks silky smooth. It smells almost like coco butter and is very thick, so I don't think this 20ml tube will last more than 1 wash, maybe 2.

body lotion, caudalie, beauty

Caudalie - Nourishing Body Lotion:
Softening, toning, radiance

My Opinion:
I have a bit of a thing with body lotion, I will go through a phase of constantly using it and then just forget about it altogether. I have been fake tanning recently though and body lotion is great to prolong it, so look forward to using this. It doesn't really smell of anything, just 'clean' if that makes sense! It's very light and a little goes a long way. My skin feels really soft after using. This 30ml tube should do at least 1 whole body application, if not more.

dead sea, spa magik, salt, brushing

Spa Magik - Salt Brushing: Naturally exfoliating sale scurb with pure Dead Sea salts, coconut oil and vitamin E to deeply norish skin.

My Opinion: As luck would have it I have been after a good exfoliator for a little while now. I like to feel the exfoliating beads and the ones I have bought previously have just been too fine. But this looks like it will do the job! Although, is it just me or do you see Spa Magik products and think 'cheap'? I think it is after being given so many free samples at the Vitality Show in London that i've come to think this! Do look forward to trying this product though and there were 2 50g bags in the box!

If anything i've written about is of interest to you take a look at and get 10% off any of the above products with code BBJAN10A.

Maxing the credit card!

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So, saturday whilst my boyfriend was away I decided to take the oppurtunity to visit Westfields in Stratford. Have been there before and love the selection of shops - plus im so bored of our local high street (& lack of sale bargains) I thought i'd visit.

What luck I had too! Take a peek at some of sale bargains..


Dune, heels, tan, shoes, shopping, high street, westfield

I got these little beauties, with an extra 20% off, for only £24.20 - what a bargain! Am planning to team them with jeans and chinos - hopefully the snow/ice will hold off long enough!

I also picked up a gorgeous black and white scarf with bird print from Dune for only £12.00! Have never really shopped in Dune before but really impressed with my purchases today!


forever 21, shopping, america, usa, top, clothing, high street, westfield
forever 21, shopping, america, usa, top, clothing, high street, westfield

Have never bought anything from Forever 21 before, but really impressed that ALL their sale items are buy one get one free!!

Actually bought 4 items today, but could only find the above 2 items. The other 2 were a floral, batwing top and a sheer, white stripe jumper.

All for a very good £24.98 & there was so much left in the store still - you all need to go and have a look!


john lewis, shoes, moccasins, tan, shopping, high street, westfield

I can't say I normally frequent this shop but as I was up at Westfield I thought I would have a look.

First I spotted a gorgeous pink, satchel bag - the sign read 50% off so I had a look at the tag. It stated £180, so I thought that must be the original price. I then looked at another and realised that was the sale price! Cue me slowly walking away.

But then I spotted the shoe sale section (with the tiniest size 5 section for some reason!) and saw these. I have wanted some mocassins to go with jeans and chinos (are you spotting a trend here! Im just trying to mix up wearing dresses all the time). They were originally £80 but I got them for £32 which I was happy with.

They are theeeeee most comfortable shoes I have ever placed on my feet. So well made too.

The picture isnt the best, and to be honest up until recently I have always associated them with something my dad would wear - but now I just want to wear them all day long.


shimmer, gold, jumper, warehouse, shopping, high street, westfield

Warehouse is a shop I always like to have a peek at, but not really a shop I can just splurge in on a whim! I did however spot this little shimmer number for a bargain £10 I had to snap it up.

Overall really happy with my purchases today (though I doubt my bank balance and boyfriend will be!)

Have you been to Stratford Westfield before? What did you think? It's not as big as the other one but I like it all the same!

ELF! No, not the movie..

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I know ELF is popular with a lot of people and generally i've found that if you stick to the studio range you cant go wrong (there are a few other good bits and pieces, but sometimes the pigmentation is poor or the item is just rubbish - but you can only ask for so much for £1!)

Anyway, I put an order in the other day just for a few bits.

ELF, studio, make-up, bronzer, blush, eyes, lips, face

ELF, studio, make-up, bronzer, blush, eyes, lips, face

Studio "Shimmer Pink" Blush - £3.50

ELF, studio, make-up, bronzer, blush, eyes, lips, face

Studio "Golden" Bronzer - £3.50

I SWEAR by this bronzer. I have tried so many (the majority now at the back of my make-up drawer) but this is perfect everytime and I must have bought about 20 since I found it!

The combination of colours means it isn't "orange" and has a subtle shimmer. It's also handy as you can use the lighter colours as eye shadow and highlighter if you're away from home!

The blush, however, is a new purchase. I've never much been in to using blushes but I really like the "dewy", youthful make up look and so thought I would give it a trial.

On swatching it seems to be very shimmer (which I know, duh, you expect from the name) but otherwise the colours seems to be blend well and leave you with a subtle blush rathe than clown like cheeks!

A bigs thumbs up, once again, for ELF!

Do you buy anything from ELF? If so, can you recommend anything for me? Always looking for new things to try!

Supermarket Sweep!

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Do you remember that program, or is it just me? I always wanted to do it - looked so much fun!

Anyway, back to my point. Don't supermarket clothing ranges seem to have appeared over night? I remember when I was younger and a friend bought some clothes from Tesco, I remember thinking they must be cheap and horrible (remember the £3 baggy, light blue mens jeans - that was my only comparison to Tesco clothing!)! Fast forward a couple of years and I will happily drop by F&F on visits to Tesco and visit George when I go to Asda.

Infact, I have been quite surprised with some of the offerings. If any of you ever shop on F&F online you will have seen a 'boutique' range where some dresses are on sale for over £100 - surely not!

So, while thinking on this topic I decided to take a little peak at George.

Almost instantly I was captivated by their home screen image...

So chic!

& so, so, so much more!!

They also have an exclusive, online, collection by Barbara Hulanicki!

This darling wrap dress is just £20! Perfect for work.

What's more, if you spend over £25 you can collect in store for free whilst you visit to get your weekly shopping!

Off to spend some more pennies!

Discount Codes available: No current codes, but 70% off sale & 6% quidco.
Shipping: £2.95 or free collection in store